9/11 Spirit of America Memorial

The Official 9/11 Memorial of Chelan County, Cashmere, Washington

Cashmere 9-11 Memorial 1.jpg

 Our Mission:


- Honor -

To provide an eternal place of honor for all who lost their lives and all who responded, including the millions of Americans who came together worldwide in unity and strength to ensure that freedom and liberty prevail forever.


- Education -

To ensure all generations of Americans never forget September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the homeland of the United States of America.


To hear more about the 9/11 Memorial, the upcoming ceremony, and plans for the future site expansion you can listen to a recent KOHO interview.


The September 11, 2001 events forever changed our country. Many Americans watched as Flight 93, the Pentagon, and New York City's World Trade Center, fell under attack. This memorial is a reminder to our citizens of all that occurred on that day.