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Our Goal

To dedicate this memorial to all those that perished on September 11, 2001 and provide remembrance and education of the fateful events of that tragic day. 

Who We Are

The 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation is made up of local community members and veterans.

This amazing memorial was made possible by the original  Spirit of America Foundation. Their vision and hard work began this journey that continues to grow and flourish today.

We would like to thank the foundation for choosing Cashmere, Washington as the permanent home of the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial. 

We would also like to thank the Cashmere City Council, the citizens of Cashmere, Chelan County, and our state for their support of this project.  You have made the seemingly impossible possible.

The Memorial won by Cashmere in June 2014 consists of the following:


- Four Larger than Life Size Bronze Statues representing those lost on 9/11.


- A Fireman Representing all First Responders


- An Office Worker Representing those lost in the WTC


- A Flight Attendant Representing all those lost in the Aircraft


- A Military person Representing those lost in the Pentagon


* The Statues are arrayed in a circle with one open position, which allows a visitor the opportunity to stand hand-in-hand and in solidarity with those lost.


- An approximate 1100 pound section of one of the steel columns from one of the Twin Towers shows this piece is from about the 60th-floor level, based on its structural dimension.


- An approximate 350-pound piece of limestone from the Pentagon.. This is from the face of the Pentagon 

"Spirit of America" Award

Each year The 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation selects one key person to recognize and honor as being instrumental to the vision, the creation, and the establishment of the memorial.

2017 - Mr. David Lewis


David took it upon himself to transport the sculpture all across eastern Washington as the original foundation members sought the most fitting home and community to care for the amazing centerpiece statue of the memorial.  David hauled to statue over 5,000 road miles in search of just the right place for the memorial. 

2016 - Mr. John Jackson

Recogized as the man with the original desire and vision to pay homeage to those lost in 9/11.  It was due to his initial interest and efforts that we have the wonderful memorial that we do. 

201 Riverside Dr

PO Box 151
Cashmere, WA 98815

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