Phase II

Project Update!

Phase II Plan for Memorial - 2019 additions to Memorial site


This will be the last addition to the Memorial Plaza and will include four major granite elements.  Two will be Twin Towers nearly eleven feet tall and fully in scale with the towers lost on 9/11.  On the eight faces of the towers will be the engraved names of everyone lost in New York.  One face will be dedicated to listing the hundreds of first responders who lost their lives.  Two additional pieces will also have the names of those lost on Flight 93 and from Flight 77 impacting the Pentagon. 


The Flight 93 monument will be in the shape of the State of Pennsylvania and the Flight 77 monument will be in the shape of the Pentagon.  The Foundation also received a stone from the field where Flight 93 crashed.  It is on permanent loan from the National Park Service to the Foundation and City of Cashmere.  The display of this stone as part of the Flight 93 monument will complete the Memorial in its display of treasured artifacts from each of the three sites where the 9/11 tragedy happened.

Renderings by Robert Miller Designer

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